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Virtual Swinging?

We’ve been a little quiet over the whole C word recently – what with all the lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing measures… it seems to have gone on for ever! However, we’re great believers in positive thinking which lead to the rise in us doing a lot more interaction online. During April to July 2020 we held weekly virtual get-togethers for members alongside moving many of our workshops online, and have recently expanded even further into the world of virtual swinging.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at to bring together a great online community of the top clubs across the globe, with clubs coming together to co-host virtual events during the COVID pandemic. Currently there are 30+ clubs joining members together from across Europe and North America – exciting times for such strange times.

Obviously, time zones come in to play, but, for us here in the UK that’s a positive, because when members from the North American clubs start streaming it adds another 10-12hrs for the UK users to enjoy!

For those of you yet to join us online, we thought we’d share a few answers with you to help get you started…

We asked three members their thoughts and reactions to the whole virtual swinging experiences so far...

What was your main reason to sign up to the online Virtual Swinging?

‘When we received the email update and saw the online parties were happening it was exciting, we need all the entertainment we can get at the moment! We’ve been so bored at home and we needed to put some of the old excitement back for Saturday nights.'

‘I’ve been missing my trips to Purple Mamba in person. Not being able to socialise has been really hard. The social aspect of swinging is the most important thing to me, although I like the naughty stuff too! But I’ve met some great people on the virtual parties and managed to see some old friends there as well. I get to talk about sex again, something I haven’t been able to do since March!’

‘We’ve been wanting to visit Purple Mamba for a while and wanted to go to a party, but with children it was proving tricky to get a night away! Of course, COViD happened and we didn’t get the chance to go when we wanted. We managed to get to the club in August and enjoyed ourselves, even with social distancing. We joined in online too as it was easy for us to do it from home, and we managed to get as naughty as we wanted while still playing safe online.'

What was Virtual Swinging like?

‘Once we had signed up for registration and had a look at the controls it was really easy to use. It was great being able to see all the different couples on screen, it was mostly other couples but there were plenty of single ladies and guys too. There were also some music performances that we kept on most of the night to keep the atmosphere like a party. There were three main rooms when we joined in on the dance party event, and it was great to flick between them to see different things, from people chatting to playing and showing off toys. The party is moderated, so any idiots will be dealt with but to be honest we didn’t see any. There was time for everyone to do what they wanted on screen or chat in the messaging area on screen. You get to pick your own cam groups and interact with those you wanted to. It was great fun and we didn’t get much sleep at home that night!’

‘The moderators helped me a lot as I’m not too great with new tech! Once I was all set up I was able to join the party event once I had logged in at about 9 o’clock. It only took a few minutes for others to join me and it kept getting busier as the night went on. Some people were happy to watch like me while others were having a lot of naughty fun which I enjoyed! You can publicly cam or private cam or you don't have to cam at all. Everyone seemed totally at ease and just like at a club you take part in as much or as little as you like. It was fun looking at when different clubs started to join in at different times with people from Canada and America keeping the party going.’

‘We thought we would try and treat it like a club experience. Just like walking into a new club, you are walking into something new for the first time and you don't know anybody. So it’s good to get talking, flirt, enjoy a couple of drinks and make yourself comfortable. There are several rooms to explore with themes, just like a club. There may be a room that takes your fancy and you can stay, chat, get filthy and watch. The main thing is like any party, it is what you make it. Like all the online stuff, you get out of it what you put into it. Is it as good as meeting people in person, of course not, but it’s a different experience that shouldn’t be directly compared. It’s fun and a safe way to explore the lifestyle at the moment with others. Aside from a slight hangover the next day, we’re looking forward to the next one it was such a brilliant night and so needed while we can’t go out and socialise. We plan on joining to more parties to get our weekly club fix, as well as registering for any online workshops to get ideas to expand our sex life at home together.’

So, there you go - it's great fun to get together virtually online. We'll see you as soon as we can, either in person or online, but in the meantime, stay safe and stay sexy!


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