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Life on the flip side...

Our lovely single gent member tells us his ideas about new things to add to your bucket list. We know, he's a very naughty boy...

And now for something completely different.....

So you have your swingers club membership or two ongoing now, know some fellow swingers club attendees pretty well, having had lots of fun on the journey to where you stand today. So what could be next...... here are a list of things, that anyone of which could be a big challenge but also be very interesting and spark a bit of newness in ones life.

1. Attend a burlesque show

Nottingham, Leeds and Birmingham not to mention several other cities have well established burlesque and cabaret shows. The audience roughly varies from 50/50 60/40 in male and female audience ratio. The night comprises, burlesque dance, comedy and vaudeville and there is usually some audience participation, so don’t be surprised if you become part of the show for a brief time. The outfits on stage are well put together and there have been male burlesque performers on rare occasions. The cost of a night out is comparable to a club night for a couple so not overly expensive. Generally fun, sociable and suitable for a pre club night out.

2. Learn the pole

Some clubs have a pole for pole dancing quite inadvertently. It is quite easy to have a brief swing around but extremely difficult to learn the techniques required correctly. Attending a pole dancer class may be the first step to getting more fitter and flexible and skilled in pole dancing. They are not as commonplace as say ‘zumba classes’ so you will need to do due diligence on researching as to where classes are being held. Learning pole dancing is extremely difficult and classes do take health and safety very seriously, so it worth checking out intricacies properly before you go and injure yourself by just ‘getting up and going on’ on a pole with no experience, no training and high heels on to boot.

3. Try out a new club or a newly promoted night

New clubs spring up fairly infrequently but when they do they can offer something different and original. Purple Mamba is a new club in the in the suburb of West Bridgford, Nottingham, which is much closer for most readers than going on a expedition to ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’. It has usual facilities that you would expect from a club and is quite close to the main arterial roads in the vicinity.

New clubs offer opportunities for new social experiences and above all a fun night out. This particular club is in a quite discreet location as the majority of clubs tend to be, with the usual ability to when you are within a club setting ‘to appear and then disappear’ discreetly. Newly promoted nights do tend to attract quite a few newbies to a venue.

4. Attend a rope workshop

Swinger couples and fetish couples do tend to predominantly walk on the opposite side of the same road. Attending a rope workshop can be a start of finding out a bit more about ropes and bdsm. Many people’s pre-conceptions can be based on what they perceive is the finished objective of rope work.

However the skill, craft, and months/years of experience in putting together a piece of work can be truly creative process and stunning to behold.

Learning rope-work is very difficult and time consuming also, so attending a workshop will give you a brief insight.

5. Attend a private party

Some people who have visited a club have held their own private parties with selected guests / friends. These offer a more intimate social gathering and the bringing of drink or two for refreshment can sometimes be the required contribution to the event. The organiser will undoubtedly call the shots on this.

Inspired by pythons called monty, purple mambas and adders that are black, amongst other snakey wakey things, ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more’.....

Absolutely no mice were injured in producing this blog posting.

Written by Zfg101

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