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Playgrounds for Grown-Ups

The Temptation experience offers one-of-a-kind “Playgrounds for Grown-Ups”, both on land and at sea. Temptation Cancun Resort with its spectacular, seven-story superstructure, and Temptation Cruises, both cater to adults 21+, offering a vibrant, energy-infused environment for the chic, confident and free-spirited traveler. A hip vibe is our hallmark due to the concept’s enticing atmosphere that is invigorating, and not to mention an insanely sexy amount of fun.

The brand’s signature spicy and adventurous daytime activities, trendy shows & performances, as well as world-renowned theme nights, all provide guests with endless options for high-quality entertainment, while fine dining and first-class accommodations, assure guests the most incredible vacation experience ever. Temptation is a favorite amongst those seeking an unforgettable, adults-only escape.

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MAY 18 – 25, 2023


Melt the cares of the world away on board the Desire Venice – Rome Cruise, designed to rekindle the flame between you and your partner. May 18 – 25, 2023, this couples-only cruise will take you on an Adriatic adventure sure to be a fantasy quencher.

Staying true to what we do, our floating couples’ paradise offers a luxurious program conceived to seduce the senses. Indulge in exclusive amenities such as the Premium Beverage Package, five dining venues, room service, an alluring playroom, sexy pool parties, temperature-rising theme nights, sensual entertainment, stimulating workshops, and clothing-optional areas, all of which are included in your cruise.

Our journey starts in one of the world’s most captivating cities in the world: Venice, Italy, a mecca for hopeless romantics who thrive on taking chances. Next stop, the Croatian city of culture: Šibenik , known for its diversity of international influences. For those seeking paradise on earth, we will then travel to the Pearl of the Adriatic: Dubrovnik, Croatia. Then, get ready to leave a piece of your heart in the medieval city of Kotor, Montenegro, before setting sail to the land of limoncello: Amalfi, Italy. Along our voyage is the Gateway of Capri: Sorrento, Italy. You will see all these cities before disembarking in the Eternal City: Rome, Italy.

On board the Desire Venice – Rome Cruise you and your partner will have the opportunity to gaze into the expanse horizon of the Adriatic Sea as you and your partner fulfill your sensual fantasies.

The sensual way to sail away!

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Our couples-only Desire Greek Islands Cruise gives you and your partner a unique opportunity to move from one dream isle to another as you uncover all there is to discover.  Unleash your sensual true self as you and your partner are swept away by the mystical, seductive scenery.

For a hassle-free experience, enjoy our desirable amenities included, such as the Premium Beverage Package, 5 dining venues, and room service. And if you and your partner seek to turn up the heat, our private playroom, provocative pool parties, exciting theme nights, temperature-rising entertainment, sexy workshops, and clothing-optional areas are a must.

Our itinerary will depart and culminate in Athens, Greece, the mythological crossroads between the past and the present, and will continue on to capture your imagination along the epic journey to Volos, Greece. Our next stop along this voyage will be Thessaloniki, known as the cultural capital of Greece, before stopping in Kavala, the heart of eastern Macedonia. From there we will set sail for Ephesus, Turkey, once the second largest city of the Roman empire. Additionally, we will stop to admire the picture-perfect postcard views of Mykonos, before returning to Athens.

As you can see, on board the Desire Greek Islands Cruise we aim to please. Cross the gangway, your gateway to ecstasy.

Temptation Miches Resort, in Dominican Republic, caters to the free-spirited traveler seeking an extraordinary vacation destination full of adventure. Due to the authentic nature of our concept, we attract every kind of guest, from mature couples to the young and single.

By day, experience some wet fun while playing at our exciting pool parties; and by night, get ready to party at our sexy theme nights. You probably won’t even find time to unpack! The party begins the minute you step foot on our paradisiacal Playground for Grown-ups!

Discover our signature topless-optional areas. Feel free and uninhibited in our famous Sexy Pool or find a peaceful oasis in our Quiet Pool. Each of these spaces is guaranteed to take your guest experience to a whole new level.

With a sexy vibe throughout the entire property, Temptation Miches Resort features 382 trendy rooms and suites by award-winning designer, Karim Rashid. Each of these fabulous spaces, inspired by soft curves and bright colors, offers a new alternative to modern travel.

For an always indulgent culinary experience, Temptation Miches Resort features six  restaurants, a coffee shop, and a late-night snack bar, representing multiple cuisines from around the world. Additionally, enjoy domestic and international beverages at seven bars throughout the property, plus 24-hour beverage service to keep the party going!

If you seek a place where you can feel sexy, free and uninhibited, where you can relax, explore, and party, Temptation Miches Resort is the place to be!

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