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Welcome to Purple Mamba Club

There is a first time for everyone... 

We've been doing this for a while now, and we're keen to show off our new, world-famous location. 

When you visit for the first time, you'll be greeted by staff and signed up as a member. You'll then be taken on a tour of the club, after that it's up to you to discover what delicious and naughty new experiences with other members you can experience!

Take time to meet new people and regular faces at the bar before adventuring deeper into the club. We have a fully stocked licensed bar for members to indulge in a glass of their favourite tipple, alongside a range of non-alcoholic drinks and coffees.

If you're new to swinging, feel free to contact us directly to discuss what it's all about, chat with members on our forum. Our staff, from web admins to bar managers, have years of experience of looking after fellow liberated adults, keeping our members safe and in a sexy environment. 

We're delighted that you've found us and we hope to see you very soon.

Purple Mamba Club, Trent Bridge,  Nottingham NG2 5FF

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