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So you want to join in?

What do you need to know before applying for membership

Our members tend to be educated, professional couples and singles who are of smart appearance, and are polite and respectable. Not everyone is accepted for membership. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, from fun-loving locals to international business travellers. We're located in one of the best cities in the UK, and our membership base reflects this. New members will go through a 48 hour probationary period to see if we're right for each other. Membership applications are not judged on gender, ethnicity or social status, instead new members are accepted on their sense of fun and acceptance of being liberated. 

How do we apply for membership?

We don't accept online applications as it's impossible to ascertain character through an online form.  You will need to apply for membership in person, with an acceptable form of photo ID, occasionally there is an interview and if accepted, you will need to accept our club policies. For couples and single lady membership applications, we're open Thursdays to Sundays (but currently are unable to complete new membership applications after 9.30pm on Saturday nights). For single gent membership enquiries, we recommend Sunday evenings for membership applications, as we have limited space on Friday and Saturday nights. We currently have a very limited number of single gent memberships available. Interested members can join the club committee to steer the club in a positive direction and help organise events. 

What are the club policies?

We're all adults, and so Purple Mamba Club entrusts the common sense of our members to keep a sexy and welcoming atmosphere. We wish to maintain our outstanding reputation and all members agree to the following policies:

  • No Drugs/Illegal Substances are permitted on the premises. If discovered, you will be removed from the premises, reported to relevant authorities and have your membership revoked. 

  • No Selling of Sex or Sexual Activity For Money Or Reward on the premises. If discovered, you will be removed from the premises and have your membership revoked. 

  • No Photographic/Recording Equipment Is Permitted Upstairs (including use of mobile phones with a camera) of the premises without prior management permission. If discovered, you will be removed from the premises and may have your membership revoked. 

  • Confidentiality is vital. Members may be asked to disclosed their profession to management on arrival and agree that they visiting as a member and have no intention of reporting any details of the club/members in the media or to third parties. If so, they will be liable for such actions and legal action will be brought against them.

  • No Drunk or Disorderly Behaviour is allowed on the premises or outside of the premises that causes upset to members or neighbouring premises. If discovered, you may be removed and may have your membership revoked. 

  • No Non-Consensual Sexual Advances/Activities is permitted towards other members/staff. This includes both within the club and online conduct towards other members. If discovered you may be removed from the premises, authorities contacted and your membership revoked. Members are responsible for their own actions.

  • Management retain the right to revoke membership for the activities above and any other activities which cause disrepute to Purple Mamba Club, it's staff and members.

Types of membership  

2024 - The standard membership is £40 per rolling year, for both couples and singles. There is a limited number of VIP subscription membership options available, which enable discounted prices on certain entry tickets and guaranteed entry on busy/sold out events.   There is a discounted standard membership for students/MOD90 of £20 per year (valid proof of eligibility is required).  

Membership runs from a rolling year on application. 

Are you discreet?

Our location is not on the high street, so have no fears about your friends or work colleagues seeing you!

Your personal information is kept totally private and not shared with third parties.  We will not use your address to send you anything in the post. If you want to know about club events and news please feel free to use our contact form on this site or subscribe to our newsletter. We are registered with the ICO and keep your details on a GDPR compliant secure server.  On 25 May 2018 most processing of personal data by organisations will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The GDPR requires personal data to be processed in a manner that ensures its security. This includes protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage. It requires that appropriate technical or organisational measures are used.  

Membership details are kept on a secure server and NOT sold on or given to third parties. Your membership details are retained for one year - email addresses may be retained if you wish to subscribe to our mailing list.  


What are the club rules?

Age: You must be over 21 to enter the club.


Groups and singles: Large groups will not be allowed entry. We have a limit on the number of singles permitted on Friday and Saturday nights - please check before entry or purchase tickets online prior. Our capacity means that occasionally we have to turn away members who have not purchased tickets online prior to entry. 


Dress: Our dress code is smart. We recommend smart shirts/suits for gentlemen, with no t-shirts, tracksuits or trainers. No football shirts (we have many members who support different teams!). Sundays are a more relaxed affair. Feel free to have a look at our examples of what members usually wear. A professional, sexy image is important to our members and helps set the mood for an evening. 

Parking: Due to our central location, we have a number of car parks and roadside parking near the club. A map is available on the contact page. No parking is permitted directly outside of the premises due to our location down a tight access!

Equipment: Please ensure everything is used appropriately and safely, you will be given a tour by staff and given advice on any equipment you wish to use. 


Drugs: No illegal drugs of any kind will be tolerated on the premises. Anyone found breaking this rule will be removed from the premises and given an instant ban and reported to authorities.


Cameras: No cameras or recording devices of any kind are to be brought into the club except by prior arrangement with the management. This also includes mobile phones with built in cameras. You are welcome to leave them in a security box in reception or use a locker.


Smoking: In accordance with present regulations, Purple Mamba Club is a no smoking/vaping establishment. 

Alcohol: We have a fully stocked licensed bar for members. We do not tolerate drunk and disorderly behaviour. Consensual activity is not possible under the influence of alcohol.  Drunken behaviour is not sexy or acceptable. 


Sex for money or reward: Purple Mamba Club does not take this lightly, sex for money or reward is not tolerated. If you are caught offering this service we will issue you with an instant ban from the club.


Consensual activities only: This is the most important rule, both inside the club and your conduct as a member. Members must always seek consent from all parties involved. 

Membership: Anyone who wishes to become a member must do so in person with recognised photo ID.  After joining as a member there is a period of 48 hours to allow for administration and to monitor conduct at the club. If you are found to be of not suitable character your membership will be revoked by the owners or club committee. This is without refund. 


Bags and valuables: We have lockers inside for you if required. Purple Mamba Club cannot take responsibility for items lost within or outside our premises.​ Any damages to the premises/equipment will be invoiced to offending members. 

That's a lot of rules and policies!

Not really, as a member of Purple Mamba Club you'll soon settle into being part of a sexy, welcoming and intimate atmosphere. The rules and policies are in place to ensure this and they'll soon become second nature. Just remember, consent is sexy and good manners go a long way.

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