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As I write this, there are currently 7,625,457,841 people in the world. There have been over 280,000 births and 115,300 deaths today. There is only one you. One of these facts isn't what it appears to be...

There are many 'yous'. Or rather, the personas that go into making you you.

There may be 'work' you, the professional persona that meets deadlines, is good with Excel (not necessarily pivot tables) and requires a fairly uniform and neat haircut. The meetings you attend or chair during the day become standard, with clear agendas and points for discussion. Nobody likes to add to the Any Other Business section as we'd rather go and have a cup of tea then listen to random ramblings about a department you have nothing to do with (and actually had no idea existed). Work 'you' isn't you.

Not a guidance for office wear...

You may have a 'parent' you. 'Parent' you didn't exist once, but once you have a 'parent' you side, then it stays a part of you forever. 'Parent' you changes through time, from seemingly endless nights of crying, midnight feeds and sore lady parts to tired mother-of-teens you that has a permanently emptying bank account and a family car that performs the same function as a 24 hour taxi rank. 'Parent' you is one of the biggest parts of you, but isn't just you.

There is 'friend' you. 'Friend' you is different to 'casual acquaintance' you - ('casual acquaintance' you required little maintenance, but may actually have more of an open honesty about who you actually are as you - it's often easier to be open and honest with those who have little to no impact on your daily life). 'Friend' you is sharing experiences, good and bad, joy and grief in life's defining moments with people you care about. There are actually many 'friend' yous. There may be 'old school friend 'or 'uni' friend you, or 'best friend' you, or 'going-out-together-on-a-night-out' you. They are all part of you, just not all you.

There is 'spouse/long-term partner' you. This is a little like 'parent' you, and changes through time as you age together - again, there hasn't always been a 'spouse' you. 'Spouse' you is comfortable with another part of you, even if that part resides in another body. 'Spouse' you is also another you that is presented to others on social, work and family occasions. But like 'parent' you, spouse you doesn't completely define you.

So who are you? What moments do you realise who you are, or can connect all the yous into one, and say...that is 'me'? Creative types often have that a little easier, they can express that 'me' in terms of fabric, colours. light, melody and tone. 'Me' can be found in life-defining moments, or quiet moments of peace and reflection. 'Me' can most often be discovered through sexuality - where expressing 'me, myself and I' can result in a glorious moment of completeness - often brief, but exquisite. 'Me' is opened when we are truly honest with our mind, body and soul, our actions enabling us to reach a climatic awakening. When else are we more honest with ourselves, other than naked, happy, consenting and open?

'Swinger' you is a persona - that's the social, fun aspect of meeting new people and old playmates. 'Swinger' you at Purple Mamba on a Friday night isn't you, it may be a fun, secret side of you that is shared equally with other 'Spouse' you, but you wouldn't want to share it with 'daughter-in-law' you. However, 'swinger' you can enable one to connect to the inner 'me' of open sexuality, that honest, naked 'me' that discards all the other aspects of who we are required to be the rest of the time in order to be who we truly are for one, brief exquisite moment in time.

As I write this, there are currently 7,625,464,678 people in the world. There are many 'yous'. Try and be the best 'me' you can be today.

Happy swinging xxx

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