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A - Z of Swinging: Part 1

One of our delicious single-gent members has offered some helpful advice for 'newbie' swingers....He's a regular to many clubs and swinger parties across the country and noted that some of us needed some guidance in what to expect from different venues and experiences.

Thinking of attending a swinger club for the 1st time or just a novice in general on the swinging scene? Below is an A to Z of things to consider before you attend and what to expect.

Attire: Clubs generally request attendees to be in smart clothing; shoes and shirt are always a good look and general looking stylish. A beanie hat may not initially seen as a good idea to impress, however, on a cold winters night with stockings, coat and heels, it may be a good look! . (That would be more than be adequate, as emphasis is on sexiness for females, to help with confidence and first time nerves).

Bar: Most clubs sell soft drinks, some sell energy drinks only. Check out beforehand whether the club has its own licensed bar if you like a tipple of the strong stuff. The club will either have a locker number system to pay for your tab at the end of the night or pay at the point of service. With these, each club will ask you either to pay for drinks at the point or service or run a tab that is billed at the end of your visit. The billing is often based on your locker number to avoid confusion.

Clubs: Clubs generally open for a minimum of three to four nights per week. Some open every day. There will be themed events such as couples and females only, BBW nights and possibly 'greedy girl' type events. These are aimed to attract a specific clientele and can be quite popular. Look at what enables you to feel comfortable and go and have a fun time with no expectations. Check for pricing beforehand.

Dress down: Some clubs are happy for you to walk around in your clothes throughout the whole time there. However there are other clubs that require dressing down in certain areas or even immediately after entry. This will entail walking around with a towel provided by the club, you may need to ask for a larger towel if your a big guy like myself, generally, females would be in their outfit of choice for the evening/afternoon event.

Entry: Most clubs have a set list of fees that is different for couples, females and single males. In the main, single males do pay more to enter. So check the price. Once in you will be shown around the club and told the rules for the various areas. In certain areas of some clubs, single males are only allowed in at the request of the person/s in the room. It is important you follow the rules of any establishment.

Facilities: These vary from having a fetish or dungeon room, sauna, hot tub, cinema or dance floor. So clubs tend to maintain furnishings from previous owners and add their own upgrade ideas at a later date if cost effective.

Guest List: Many clubs now want to attract new visitors without necessarily imposing a membership fee for someone attending say only two or three times a year. You will need to get yourself on the guest list and ensure that you attend the specific event you have added to. People who put themselves on a clubs guest list repeatedly and not attend will eventually be barred from access to the club.

Handsome: Similar to attire, With swingers starting at a younger age these days in my view its important to present yourself at your best. Guys, I would recommend aftershave, and take styling tips from people like Tom Ford. Cleanliness is a pre-requisite and having good manners and etiquette in a club all leads to having an appeal.

Identity: Many clubs have an alternative t-girl/admirers type event and people from the lgbt community are generally welcome to attend clubs. If that is your thing it may be worth finding a club or attending a social event held by swingers to find out more.

Jacuzzi: Self explanatory. Some clubs have them, some don't.

Kinky: There are many fetishes - too many to name here that the swinging scene can help people get more involved in; tie and tease, bdsm, interracial, bukkake, rope play, gangbang. So be prepared to stretch your imagination on what swinging means to you as a individual. Many swingers have gone onto being involved in the adult industry , run their own private parties or own or a manage club.

Lounge: A lounge is for socialising, the more socialising you can do on an evening the better. Sitting on ones own is sometimes unavoidable if you're going as a single male, however general friendliness , being courteous and being approachable for chit chat is sometimes under-valued aspect of swinging lifestyle.

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