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The ‘dress down experience’

- Gift wrapped packages -(from ascent to splashdown)–

Following on from a previous blog post I wrote on the A-Z of swinging for newbies. Thought the time was right to drill down on one of those topics. This is purely from a subjective viewpoint as a single male club attendee and as an overview on my experience within the swing scene.

Some swinger clubs operate a ‘dress down ‘policy within the club. This can be on entry to the club or alternatively ‘dress down’ in specified areas within the club which generally tend to be in or around the ‘play areas’ of the club.

The essence of this is that you will be allocated a locker on arrival and the use of a towel for the evening. For many people that is the beginning and the end of the matter, but I tend to think otherwise.....

Dress down does creates a more erotic and sensual atmosphere particularly if the club is up to 75% and above of its capacity. Most clubs will have a changing area with lockers, there is usually a mirror that should at least shows the top half of your torso upwards as a minimum. A full length mirror in my opinion would be more useful in a changing area. Some people can find looking in a mirror a bit of an ordeal but in general most people do like to see what they look like after getting changed. Alongside a good sized mirror there should usually be shower facilities available. Many people who attend a club may have driven for an hour or possibly two to attend an event. Therefore the ability to have a shower at any time of your choosing from the beginning until the end of a night does aid with freshness and cleanliness throughout the event.

Consequently you can wear just the prescribed towel /gown in some cases or/ and wear underwear, which I think can be a better move.

When selecting underwear; fabric, body-shape, comfort, durability, budget, style and the aesthetic look all come into the mix, in choosing the right one for you. You will need to identify which type from boxers, boxer briefs, hipsters, or trunks, suit you best based on your body type. Most department stores sell in multi packs but the range can be very limiting so widening the standard search may come into play. Utilising the shores website may produce a bigger option to choose from and from online only distributors.

Consequentially the changing room area for one person, it’s a place to get changed and for another it can be an opportunity to make sure you’re truly ready to representing yourself visually, as well as can be.

Making a splash with underwear as did Nick Kamen in a 1984 clothing advert will turn heads, in arguably one of the most iconic clothing adverts in history, for Levi 501 jeans, however boxers became standard underwear from then on as opposed to y-fronts previously.

Events such as Coplay nights, masked balls, Halloween and other similarly themed events are also opportunities to consider not just utilising a standard towel but dressing to the theme in some small way.

Three to make ready

I generally tend to wear a timepiece, bandana and hipster trunks on a significant night out. Taking your own towel is also an option as most clubs seen happy if you choose to do this. If you intend to attend private parties as well as clubs, having your own personal towel is well worth considering. Less likely to be mistaken for someone else’s when it gets busy and frantic as this can happen with the standard uniform white towels.

Check out some underwear brands such as Bruno Banani, Dolce & Gabbana, Sloggi, Calvin Klein or German brand Hugo Boss to name a few.

Individual style and presentation does count for something and as a single male the onus is on oneself to properly represent when attending somewhere new and unfamiliar, where you don’t know any of the other patrons for the evening.

As with all things knowing what suits you, the event organisers expectations of their patrons and your personal aims for the evening should all be consistent.

The Real Men Real Style youtuber has fashion tips aplenty on a range of men’s presentational style.

“Busy lassooing the moon”

Inspired by the Levi 501 ad 1984, Apollo 9 short film & Adam Ant Apollo 9 single

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