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A - Z of Swinging: Part Deux!

One of our gorgeous single gent members, Zfg 101, continues his masterclass into the 'in's and outs' of swinging...

Management: New years eve , Halloween and Summer Ball are usually larger events. Management plays a significant role in welcoming visitors old or new, checking on welfare and taking up ideas for future events. If your new to the scene the majority of managers and owners will make an extra effort to see that you enjoy your evening.

No: Always respect other visitors to the club and just because someone says yes , be certain on what they are saying yes to.

Open Play Spaces: These are spaces where play occurs in front of other club attendees.

Private Play: These are available for people who want to play without being observed by other attendees. The rooms doors are lockable though staff usually are able to gain access to check that there are no problems. Many people will play only in private areas and it is up to the persons involved if they want other people to join in or observe.

Quiet night: Every club has busy times and quiet times. It’s the luck of the draw. If you visit and if it’s busy do not expect that amount of people each visit, same if its quiet too.

Reputation: The reputation of some clubs can be a deterrent or a motivating factor to attend. I tend to consider having my own opinion by attending and not just on one occasion. Once you attend a club you will invariably get in conversation about other clubs in the locality.

Socialising: To get the best out of the scene you will need to join in and talk to other visitors to the club. Some clubs have varying numbers of people, so getting comfortable chatting in a small or large group is critical. Having a friend or two attend with you will help and staff usually are willing to help you learn about the various nights that the club hold .

Travelling: If you do not have access to transport you will probably need to have a friend who drives to get the best out of the scene.Some clubs are in city centres however others are not far from a busy 'A' road, others might be in a town or suburb . Some clubs offer support in overnight accommodation or you can arrange your own at say a Premier Inn or other budget accommodation. This gives you a nights sleep before a potentially a long drive in the morning.

U-unique: Most clubs have a unique feel to them, some with have local /regular people with a smattering of people who have travelled many miles. If you eventually get to visit 4 or 5 clubs you will undoubtedly have a preferred favourite or two due to factors based on; distance environment, people and the general vibe of the place.

Voyeur: People who like to watch sexual activity but not necessarily get involved directly. It is important that while watching you are mindful of other people's perceptions as many people can become uncomfortable being watched for varying reasons, so be respectful of others requests.

Wives & Wing Men: Swinging invariably involves the wife or husband of another person so do bare that in mind . Some couples do like to be addressed as couples though there are exceptions, so respect , respect respect others in the club. Taking a friend can help to break the ice so find a friend to go with you, if going alone is not your cup of tea.

X factor: Whats the x factor? It might be a new after shave or perfume, new outfit or just the energy and aura within you. Some people do just have that wow factor whenever you meet them in a club environment. So if your not the person that immediately grabs other peoples attention, it’s worth working on developing how you present yourself. There are many people who were initially quite shy and demure that have grown in confidence and self expression since attending swinger club type events.

Youthful: There has probably been a stereotype that views swingers as balding pot men bellied and in their 40's and 50's and presumably ladies in a similarly negative light . Much of today's swingers are in there twenties and thirties as well as forties and fifties. Time has moved on, today's swinger of today (at any age) are vibrant, vivacious, have a lust for life and charming and educated.

*Zippee was a glove puppet character from 70’s 80 children's television. He was very very chatty and the most outgoing of the 3 characters. However sometimes Zippee tended to be ignorant of the other characters feeling an thoughts and upset them by not listening to their views.

So be friendly,chatty, talkative as suits the situation, but also listen and learn to get a better experience of swing clubs and respect at all times.

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