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Beach Party In The Rain

Well, that was a good night. The New Paradise Club Beach Party was a fantastic success, despite the weather gods conspiring to put a dampener on the saucy activities. The stunning hostess put on a fantastic buffet and provided some stylish beach themed decoration and games.

There was a respectable number of people in attendance, formed by a mix of adventurous couples and horny singletons. All there with the intention of having as much fun as possible. Beach wear was at the fore, with Bermuda shorts and ladies swimwear well represented.

The club provided an outdoor pool area that some people where brave enough to dip into, despite the rain. One or two body parts shrunk to very small proportions under the effect of the cold water, much to the amusement of the slightly less brave, but very merry, onlookers. The afflicted pool dippers were later revived in the hot tub.

As is often the case at Paradise, the bar area became the focus of the chat and banter. Friendships were made and stories swapped. The drinks flowed freely and everybody was very happy and relaxed. The pink flamingo lighting added to the beach ambience and the sticks of rock helped create the seaside atmosphere.

More adult fun started around the pool table, with a number of ladies demonstrating they're willingness to lose clothing whilst losing at the table. Encouragement was offered from the balcony and sofas. Some risque forfeits were played for, creating many smiles, as they were acted out with some very willing participation.

The upstairs rooms saw a lot of activity. The gangbang room was put to the use for which it was intended. It was described as mass of bodies, in which it was almost impossible to discern who was doing what with who. The kneeling bench in the bdsm room became the scene of some heavy duty pussy pounding. There was a lot of squealing, panting, and grunting taking place. The end playroom was used for several additional gangbangs with one particularly saucy lady really putting the meaning into spit roast whilst her significant other leaned in to provide direction and encouragement.

The end of the night came early the next morning. The party goers all left for home feeling spent and very well used. This party has left us all looking forward to the next event and all the fun to be had leading up to it.

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