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Come and Worship Me...

Opps, I did it again. I went out to the club with my delicious hubby last weekend, and was excited to meet a young gentleman previously contacted online. My hubby loves being contacted by willing participants to join in, mostly for MMF fun; he's not a cuck by any measure (although he sees the appeal) - he likes to see it as his own personal porn, and to make me squeal a little bit.

Anyhow, we had arrived earlier than usual, to socialise and mix with others alongside hoping to watch as others got hornier throughout the evening.

I had been propositioned by a few attractive singles (one of which was wearing a light-up Christmas jumper, how could I refuse!), and so, with this alongside an attractive couple asking if they could watch I eagerly jumped up on the gang bang bed...

The evening continued and I was up to my usual antics. You see, I love cum worship. I love telling guys where to cum, I love watching them as it happens (and again, it fits into hubby's personal porn bank for later). It's a different thrill from playing with another couple or single lady. That type of swinging is more personal, more passionate - generating wonderful memories. But, cum worship is a different beast entirely. I love the ring of eager, throbbing appendices, sometimes in a race to see who literally comes first - it's quick, it's messy and it's a form of instant gratification. It really is living in the present. I'm sure I read some research somewhere where semen is a mild antidepressent, I'm hoping it's also a good anti-wrinkle cream too. Needless to say, I'm slightly addicted to it.

However, the fine young gentleman had appeared by that point, and didn't look like he wished to participate in any form of group cum worship.He'd wanted the hubby and I all to himself, which was perfectly fine. I saw him throughout the evening, then he left quietly.

Missed opportunity? Perhaps. I was happy with the evening, hubby was happy when he had me spit-roasted at the end, having his wicked way with me and adding another visual to his own personal porn folder.

I've learnt in this wonderful world of swinging that we can't hold regret for missed opportunity. There will always be that beautiful couple that doesn't want to swap completely, or the elusive pretty unicorn that wanted to float around and flitter away with no time for a session of play... we can only ever live in the moment as swingers. Probably why cum worship works so well...there's no point crying over spilt milk.

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