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A new member tells all....

A while ago we asked our lovely site members to send us any experiences of the club for our blog. 'Dave' very kindly took us up on the offer...

I’m not sure where to post this message so I thought I’d email it to you. You opened up a whole new experience to us that we’ve never had anywhere else before, and I just wanted to say thank you.

My wife and I have been lightly involved in swinging for the past few years now. We like to visit a club, or arrange a meet somewhere, every month or two, depending on family and work commitments. We enjoy it. It’s added some extra fun into our relationship.

We visited your club about two weeks ago and, my wife, Sam hasn’t stopped talking about what happened since. It’s made her almost constantly horny. My god I’ve had more sex recently than I did twenty years ago.

We visited on a week night. I think it was a Tuesday, but it could have been a Monday. It was a spur of the moment thing. Our daughter was spending the night at her friends and going to school from there the next day. So after work this left us free. We decided we’d go out to eat and maybe have a quick drink somewhere. So we got showered and dressed, we’re both fussy about being clean, so this is normal for us. Then we went out and had a nice meal together. During the meal she was talking about the sign we’d passed on the way out. We knew the club existed but it was only when we saw the sign that we realised where it was. She convinced me that we should call in on the way home.

We arrived at the club around nine o’clock. We paid for membership and paid the entrance fee. It actually cost less than I expected, so this was good. The lovely, very chatty, lady behind the bar gave us a tour of the club. We didn’t know it was bring your own beer, but luckily we had a bottle of red wine in the car (it was going to be a present for the sister in law). In the club we quickly realised we were the only couple in there. We weren’t alone though, there were five, maybe six, single guys there. A couple of them were playing pool, there were one or two in the lounge upstairs watching a video, and two more in the bar area.

We settled in on the Sofa by the pool table with our wine. We soon started chatting with the guys playing pool. They offered, very politely, to end their game if we wanted to play. We were comfortable and so quite happy to let them carry on. The guys from the bar area soon came in and joined the banter. It was all really friendly and relaxed. Most of the talk was a running commentary on the abysmal skills of the pool players. We introduced ourselves and talked a little about who we were and what we did.

The game of pool finished. Everybody was happy for us to play next. I set up the balls and Sam broke. One of the guys asked if there was going to be a forfeit if Sam lost. I asked for suggestions. They came out with a few ideas, blow jobs for everyone, spanking in the bdsm room, gangbang, stripping off, and reverse glory hole. I asked Sam if she wanted to do anything, we’d only ever played with other couples before. She was smiling, a lot.

Laughing, she said she’d go in the glory hole if she lost, but if she won every bloke in the room had to strip off and give each other blow jobs. It was hilarious. She was laughing, I and the other guys in the room really didn’t want that situation. They all asked me if I was going to win, was I going to beat her. I’m not bad at pool, not especially good either, but I was confident, I normally win nine times out of ten (against my wife). To encourage us she stripped off her blouse and bra, then topless she said are you ready to play then. I thought stuff it, and agreed.

We played and she really did start out well. She potted three balls and told me and the others that she couldn’t wait to see us sucking one another. She was busy showing off her breasts and enjoying being looked at by everyone in the room. Fortunately the game didn’t carry on in quite the same way. I managed to pull it back covering the pockets and potting my balls, whilst watching my wife and joining in the chat. The game played through to its conclusion with me putting away the black ball whilst my wife still had one left on the table.

I spoke to her and checked that she was happy to carry out her forfeit. The other guys all seemed quite excited. She said, well I lost didn’t I, I better go and get in that glory hole. I think she couldn’t wait to do it.

She went to the female glory hole upstairs leaving her skirt on the landing and kicking off her knickers in the passage. Everybody else followed her up there.

She lay half on the bed and I closed the hatch over her, leaving just everything below her waist on this side. She fastened the latch inside to secure the hatch. I lifted first one of her legs and then the other fastening them into the straps either side of the hatch. I stepped back and got the best view ever of my wife’s shaven pussy. My cock was rock hard. The other guys were stood there in the passage with me, they were all staring at my wife’s pussy and spread legs in front of them.

I quickly released my belt and stepped out of my jeans. I pushed two fingers into her and found her to be nice and wet already. Sam moaned and said I hope you’re all going to fuck me properly I want to feel used. Then I pushed my cock in her and fucked her hard for the next few minutes. I could hear my wife making noises along with the steady thwack of my crotch slapping her pussy as I fucked her.

When I stepped aside somebody else stepped up with a hard cock wearing a condom. He slid his cock straight into my wife. He then set about pounding her as if he hadn’t had sex for a month. He kept going for quite some time, with Sam panting and moaning all the time, until he finally came. He stepped away and Sams pussy was wide open and glistening, with her juices running out of her pink pussy and over her bum hole.

Four other guys took there turns fucking her. I was pleased to see that they all wore condoms. I didn’t even need to ask. You can imagine that this all took quite some time. In all she was fucked for over an hour. Throughout she squirmed and moaned. I as well as being the first was also the last to fuck her.

Afterwards she confessed that she’d come at least twice whilst being in the glory hole. I couldn’t believe that I’d enjoyed seeing my wife fucked. I think this must make me some kind of Voyeur or something. This was a new experience for both of us.

The night finished nicely. We went back downstairs and chatted with the other guys in the bar area. Sam finished off the wine and I had a coke (driving). When we left she wouldn’t stop talking about how she’d enjoyed being used and fucked so much. When we got home we fucked again. We were both just so horny.

So thank you New Paradise club for a great night.

We’ll be back again when we’re going out to play. Hopefully for another evening that’s just as good.


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