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There were three in the bed...

Are MFM threesomes easier than FMF?

Sometimes when I'm not full-on playing, I like to wander around the club and watch others. Couple play is always nice to watch, it seems to the voyeur to be a very natural act. It doesn't matter if it's in the gangbang room or one of the bedrooms, seeing 2 or 3 couples swapping and sharing is always a pleasure - it's a visual experience, you notice little things, like the subtle moans, or the movement of limbs and the light on flesh a little more - more so than watching a threesome.

When watching a straight/bi threesome (never been lucky enough to witness a gay male threesome - only ever seen couples - next time your at the club guys, do you mind if I watch?) my attention is always on the female in a MFM or the male in a FMF. Perhaps it's some sort of aesthetic - like a focal point in a flower display - your attention is drawn to the middle. Perhaps it is the cheerleader effect, I see two ladies together (especially wearing very little) and they are instantly even more attractive, the whole is greater than the sum, but still my focus remains on the lucky, lucky bloke with them.

And therein lies my musings - when watching a male in a FMF - he always seems a little conflicted - it is almost as if he has too much choice - this breast or that one, which pussy needs attention when, who sits on what face and who is riding what...when to share kisses and caresses. When watching a lady play with two blokes however, it appears a more natural physical and sensual reaction, double handjobs, a spitroast, one nipple touching a separate pair of lips... and the ultimate - DP (that is one thing I would like to explore, always think it would be a little painful...)

Perhaps ladies are just better at being ambidextrous. Perhaps gentlemen feel the need to please so much that it becomes difficult instead of just lying back and being pleasured. Perhaps.. ladies really are just better at multi-tasking! What are your thoughts?

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