To join or not to join, that is the question...

Last weekend, after another Saturday night of debauchery, I got to thinking about a throwaway comment from a lovely single guy. Apparently we were the first couple he had played with properly (not that's there's a 'proper' way to play!). This struck me as odd, as I'd seen him in the club on many occasions before, he was a good-looking bloke, nicely dressed, and really, really polite.

Perhaps he preferred just to watch, or maybe he was simply too nice. He didn't appear shy, he always greeted people in the club with a friendly smile and conversation. Perhaps he was one of those rare single guys that waited until being asked instead of being the one to instigate joining in with a couple...

This encounter, with this rarest of single men, then caught the thought train to another encounter we had had with a great couple a few weeks ago. Again , good-looking, polite people. Apparently we were also the first couple they'd played alongside with. I guess there has to be a first time for everyone, and perhaps it was just because we are a fairly 'nice' couple, not too intimidating (sometimes), but I prefer to think it was that the atmosphere was right.

The atmosphere has to be right for the majority of people - some people prefer a sweaty, filthy encounter, some prefer a bustling meat-market, others prefer a laid-back chill out zone, others just want to feel at home. People (like me) also prefer different atmosphere's for different moods (I'm not one to pass up on a sausage fest if I feel like it, other times I'd prefer the company of a beautiful lady while my other half watches with no one else in the room).

So, on reflection, thinking back to the polite single guy and the lovely first-timers, perhaps that was the magic ingredient, that simply the time, and the atmosphere was right. The next question it, are you the type to create that atmosphere or will you simple wait for it to happen?

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