F**k it

When you think about it - we use the word 'fuck' to describe a lot of negative things...

Fuck it

Fuck it all

I don't give a fuck

Fuck off

For fuck's sake

Fuckitty Fuck Fuck

Fuck wank bollocks

Fuck that

However, last night, whilst being banged over a footstool in the lounge area by three very obliging gentlemen, I pondered over the whole idea of 'fucking' - it really should be seen as a positive instead.

After a while, with the help of a very lovely single lady, a tidy purple strap on and my other half, I had the opportunity to indeed 'fuck it' - and once again, it was an entirely positive experience.

Yes, we can have angry fucks, aggressive fucks, one-last-time fucks, bad drunken fucks... but generally they are the exception rather than the norm. Fucks are a good thing.

I rarely give up on things, but when I do it is with the mind set of 'fuck it'. I'm a great believer in positive thought bringing positive outcomes, so maybe next time I decide to 'fuck it', I'm going to channel all of that energy into something positive. Just like that lovely young single lady last night.

What do you think my lovely New Paradise lot? Let's all give a fuck to one another xxx

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