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Virtual Swinging Parties

Virtual Parties are designed to mimic real club events by giving people a place to safely socialize and chat. You can be an exhibitionist, a voyeur, and even attend educational seminars.

When you join one of our multi-club virtual parties on VirtualSwingin, we link you directly to similar club members from more than 40 top clubs in the UK, Europe, USA, and Canada.

There is usually a theme (just for fun) and you will always find friendly, attractive people, and enjoy some entertainment from DJ’s, live singers, and erotic dancers, to liven up your evening at-home.

The best thing people get from virtual events is friendships, forming bonds that mean meeting up in real life will be worth the wait!

There is no need to be nervous

It is understandable that you may have some nerves and it is good to be cautious, but do not be overly concerned.

You have your best experience if you switch on your camera and join the room. 

But, if feel a little shy, don't worry. Wear a mask or adjust your lighting to create a silhouette, perhaps create a clever camera angle in order to hide your face.

No-one will mind, we are all just pleased to see you.

Great fun starts with a killer profile!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so use some good quality photos within your profile. We know you may want to be discrete, so shading or hiding your face is fine within the public albums. We suggest well dressed, or semi-clothed photos to make a great first impression.

Gentlemen, no one wants to see your junk as their first impression of you, so please keep any XXX photos within your private ‘Passkey’ albums. You can share these with members who request them.

Also, be sure to write a little bit about yourself, it goes a long way with people to know what you like and what you are looking for.


Take the opportunity to dress up!

If, like us, you find it hard to get out of the PJ's some days, take the opportunity to dress up,...or dress down! Pour yourself a drink and make Saturday nights your new,.at home 'date night'.

Become a site Member to join global virtual events.

To unlock all the functions on this site, you will need a site membership. It opens an interactive world to meet other members, to send friend requests and instant messages, to make 1-2-1 video calls, and to use ‘autodate’ (our secret dating matcher). You can like your favourite photos and post your own status updates, travel plans and see what's happening on the newsfeed.

You can only join the multi-club virtual parties with an active site membership. You can buy tickets and your site membership separately. Although, if you are new to the site, all virtual party tickets offer bundles with membership options too.

Membership is auto-renewed at the end of your relevant period, but you can manage your subscription at any time through your account and there are no cancellation fees.
Please note, to join a multi-club virtual event, you must click that Event Flyer and then select that dedicated ENTER CHATROOM. Ticketed events are hosted within a special video chat room that connects all the clubs, NOT the site's regular video chat room.


PC vs Laptop/Tablet vs Smartphone?

You can use most hardware, but we recommend using a computer or a laptop with a windows operating system for your best experience. The biggest factor is your screen size; the smaller the device, the less video chat windows you can open.

On a phone, your viewing and navigation are limited, whilst on a PC screen, you can see a lot of video streams, all at the same time. YOU control what you see, you can open, close, and mute other users videos at your convenience   

HINT: Try your devices out within the site's open chatroom before the virtual events to see what works best for you. Like all new platforms, it may take you a few minutes to learn how to get set up and the best way to navigate.

Which Browsers are best?

We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox/Mozilla browser on a computer /laptop for your best experience.
Windows / Android – use Chrome or Firefox
Mac – Use Chrome
iOS – Use Safari

Get your tech ready

No matter what browser you use, be sure to use the most up to date version. Maybe clear your cache and refresh the browser before logging in to the video chat.

You may have previously set some permissions or firewalls (without realising you did it) and you’ll need to play around with your settings in order to get your camera, mic, and speakers working properly. (make sure your volume is not muted or you won’t hear other users!)

Some Pro Tips
Test your tech before the event – go to the site's regular chat room and test your settings. (but remember, ticketed events are through the event flyer)
Make sure you turn on your camera in the top right corner (red to green). Accept any permissions that your browser presents. You should see your own video on the right-hand side. (smartphone users will need to open the righthand tab)
If you do not see your own video, please refresh your browser, go to the browser setting, and clear cache and cookies. Try again.
You may also need to check that no permissions have been set within your specific device settings to block cameras.
When you see your own webcam video, turn on your mic. Ask people if they can hear you. If not, click the gear wheel on your video and review the mic options.

Can’t hear other users? Please check your volume is not muted (it happens a lot)


Ok, Let’s get the party started!

To start off, it may seem a little crazy. But remember you have control over what you see and hear.

Once you have activated your camera, check the righthand column for other users and you can switch on/off other users' video streams.

To type to someone, use the chat area – Pro Tip – you can whisper a private conversation with some by clicking their username – Remember to whisper your reply or it will be seen by the room

You can drag the white dots on the left-hand border of the text chat zone to move and create more space for live video streams.

You can reduce the volume (or mute) those streams by placing your mouse over the live stream.


Play around with the site and get familiar with the functions, if you have any queries please ask for assistance. 

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