How many have you had?

How many notches have you got on your bedpost? 10? 20? 300? More? Does your real answer match what you would say to others depend on your sexual preferences or gender?

Would the average 25 year old down the pub boast of his conquests ('I've shagged 30 birds mate, they're gagging for it') more than your quiet next door neighbour ('I've only ever been with my husband, and his best friend while we were courting dear...'). Does your gay BFF brag of the straight men he's converted ('ditch the bitch, it's time to switch')?

I've listened to many tales of conquests from others eager to justify their sexual conquests, from wild anal adventures, to mild wife-swapping one-offs. I've sat, patiently nodding my head whilst some talk about that one night their wife was gang-banged by 12 males or how they've been in the swinging scene for so long they've been awarded an OBE from the Queen for services to the elderly. I have noticed one thing though, the most experienced don't really talk numbers.

Have a look at swingers forums. It's filled with numbers. 8 inch cock. F 26. 6ft CD. 40 DD. Bi, Poly....64 person orgy...Why do we feel the need to quantify our sexual encounters all the time? I've been on gang bang beds and I have no idea how many people are playing around me, I've been in couples viewing areas where people have moaned about only seeing one couple doesn't matter, just enjoy the moment.

If you're a newbie, don't be put off by others saying how many months or years they've been swinging, or how many clubs they've frequented, how many cocks they were 'noshing' on last night or how many people they shagged in the last gang bang. Your experiences will be different. You might only want one or two partners to play with rather than the whole rugby team. It's fine. The numbers don't qualify you for anything, you won't get a certificate at the end. It's quality, not quantity. Enjoy your play time, from being a one-off to a good old-fashioned orgy. Don't put down your play mates to numbers, they're all individuals.

How many notches are on my bed post? A real lady doesn't tell. You can do the maths xxx

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