Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions here at Purple Mamba, but that's ok! Below is a small selection of common questions - but feel free to ask us anything you like via our contact form. 

Q. How do I become a member?

You will need to sign up in person on the door with a member of staff. Not everyone is accepted for membership. For single gents we recommend Thursday and Sundays for membership applications. You will need a form of photo ID to visually confirm your identity, and sign up using our secure system - the only details required are your full name and address. You must read and agree to the rules of membership before you sign up as a member. 

Q. Who are members?

We never release membership details to anyone. Our members tend to be adventurous, professionally-minded couples of smart appearance who enjoy exploring together. Our members want a safe, relaxed environment in which they can truly be themselves without pressure. We accept single ladies and gentlemen as members - however, we are aimed primarily at couples due to our intimate size and nature. 

Q. I'm a single lady - can I come on my own?

Purple Mamba is managed by a female staff leader, and so our environment is centred around making everyone feel welcome and relaxed. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact the club owners directly before your visit. 

Q. How much is standard membership?

Membership is only £20 per annum. Membership fees are payable on your first visit. 

Q. What is VIP membership?

VIP members pay £100 per year.  VIP members can receive special discounts on entry prices and personal invitations to some events. VIP's also get guaranteed entry on busy nights.  

Q. Can I park?

We have a Pay as you Go car park on the opposite side of the road from the club, and there is parking nearby. As we're located at Trent Bridge, there is a lot of parking available. There is no parking directly outside the club entrance due to being down a tight entrance way. 

Q. Is it busy?

There is no guaranteed entry (other than VIP) if entry is bought on the door - if it's busy, entry can only be guaranteed if you have purchased entry tickets online.

Q. Is safe sex important?

We can't tell people to have safe sex, but we strongly advise our members about the importance of safe sex. We have condoms free of charge available. If you require any information about safe sex, feel free to ask management/reception staff. We also host a Sexual Health clinic every six weeks with the wonderful team from NUH NHS. 

Q. What should I wear?

Our members like to look smart and sexy. Management retains the right to refuse admission to people not wearing smart clothing. Work wear/dirty clothing is not acceptable.  We advise people to wear what makes them feel comfortable and sexy, shirts and suits are advised for Friday and Saturday nights. Have a look at our Pinterest boards for ideas for ladies and gents, of course we like individual style too!


Q. Am I guaranteed to meet someone?

There is never any guarantee of couples/singles wanting another's company. Some members come to socialise, others come to relax with others - as we are a no-pressure environment we expect members to be polite and respectful to each other at all times. Consensual meets are sexy!

Q. Does my sexuality matter?

We never discriminate.  We are LGBT friendly - including TV/CD friendly. 

Q. Do you have a bar?

We have a fully stocked licensed bar for members, alongside a range of non-alcoholic drinks and coffees available.  We do not allow entry to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs onto the premises. 

Q. Do you have accommodation?

No need! Due to our location at a world famous, fabulous part of Nottingham ,we're surrounded by excellent hotels, b&b's and apartments to suit all budgets. We're also surrounded by excellent restaurants, bistros, take-aways, bars and pubs (some of the best in the UK!) so you'll be able to make a weekend of it for your visit. Just send the club a message for local recommendations. 

Q. Can I record/photograph couples?

No. Never. Management is very strict on this, you will be removed from the premises and you will have your membership revoked.

Q. Are my membership details secure?

We are registered with the ICO. Our membership details are not written down, but stored on a secure server. We never pass on details to 3rd parties. If you have signed up to our forum or mailing list you will receive event/club details via email. We never send anything through the post. 

Q. What if I see someone I know?

We're all liberated adults at Purple Mamba, and we're all here for the same reason - to meet with other liberated adults! It's not likely that you will meet someone outside of the lifestyle.


Q. Why are you called Purple Mamba?

Combination of owners nicknames and favourite colour - plus Big Pink Snake didn't sound as sexy.  

Purple Mamba Club, Trent Bridge,  Nottingham NG2 5FF

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